Things to consider when getting your bathroom renovated!

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Having a new bathroom installed can be quite stressful, even if you have more than one bathroom and toilet in your home, having work carried out is generally inconvenient. Initially, during the design phase, there should be an element of excitement (if not then perhaps you need to revisit your design and your designer!) but there are no two ways about it, actually getting the work done can be hard work even when you’re working with professionals, a project manager, and a reputable bathroom installer!

Thorough planning, working with professional bathroom installers who care about their work, and setting your expectations will all help. Here we aim to explain what you can expect and things you might want to consider if you are at the start of a bathroom project.

Choosing a bathroom design and installation company

Getting the right bathroom design and installation company is possibly one of the most important decisions you will make. So, how do you choose the right bathroom installer?

  • Do you know someone who has recently had a new bathroom installed?
  • Are they pleased with the results?
  • How did they find the experience?
  • What is their opinion of the bathroom installer they used?
  • Would they recommend them?

New traditional tiled floor in progress SolihullIf you don’t have a recommendation for a bathroom installer then you might want to take a look on the internet and search for local bathroom specialists. Analyse their website, and their credentials, look over their portfolio of completed projects and look particularly for projects that are similar in size and scope to your own personal bathroom refurbishment.

Other things to investigate and consider:

  • Do their designs and completed projects inspire you?
  • Does the profile of the company meet your needs?
  • Consider what you want from your chosen bathroom supplier and installer?
  • Do you want them to simply install a bathroom suite you have purchased?
  • Do you need them to provide ideas and bathroom design?
  • Do you want them to source the bathroom components and all materials?
  • Do you want them to project manage all aspects of the process?

If your bathroom is a massive project, you have a large budget, and big ideas then you may decide that your project is more suited to a larger bathroom company that has plenty of resources, with staff skilled in the various aspects of bathroom refurbishment. You may need a bathroom designer to discuss your needs, create designs, provide ideas and suggestions. You may need a project manager to organise and oversee the project through to completion. You will need an installation team to complete the work and they may do this under the management of the project manager.

If this is your project and you don’t want to design everything yourself and project manage your bathroom renovation then make sure you pick out a company that has the skills and resources required to successfully deliver your project.

Make contact with any prospective bathroom design and installation companies you have identified and shortlisted. How responsive are they? Do you feel you could have them in your house carrying out work? Do they have experience in delivering similar projects? Ask to see examples of their work and references.

Once you feel you may have identified the right supplier for you it’s time to get into the detail!

Remember, if someone is good at what they do, then generally they are busy. An amazing and successful bathroom installer is unlikely to be free next week! Having a new bathroom is not something you do very often, so you want to get it right. Be patient, you may need to wait for the right installer to begin work on your project.

Questions to ask your bathroom installer

  • What is their availability for working on your project?
  • Identify clearly any hard deadlines for your project.
  • Ask them to outline their proposed process so you know exactly what to expect.
  • Find out exactly what’s in scope and what’s out of scope. This will need to be revisited at the design and quotation phase also.
  • Clarify warranty periods and guarantees
  • Discuss payment terms

Design and quotation phase

It is unthinkable that this could take place without an onsite visit. You should also spend time discussing your needs, any specific requests, the image and feel you are aiming for, look at ideas and examples, and you should feel comfortable asking questions and feel that they are answered clearly and to your complete satisfaction.

Find out how the designs will be supplied and how you should feedback on them. A design may need to be tweaked several times before you feel it is perfect and if you are working with the right company they will completely understand this.

Project Management

If your bathroom company is project managing your bathroom renovation then you can expect to discuss much of the detail with them. Often most of their work is carried out before the installation begins. Planning is a big part of the success of any project.

It is unlikely that your project manager will be on-site every day during the installation but you can expect them to check in on a project, in some way, fairly frequently.

A project manager will be the person you should speak to with any questions or concerns. The project manager, as well as the installer on-site, are responsible for communicating with you about the progress of your project.

The project manager has overall responsibility for the successful delivery of your new bathroom.

Planning for the bathroom installation

Once the design and quote phase is complete it’s time to discuss the installation and what you can expect.

Identify the project start and end dates. This may be influenced by lead times on components and materials as well as the availability of your skilled bathroom installer, so it’s always worth building in some contingency.
shower installation in SolihullOther things to check:

  • Will you be taking time off work to be there when the installers are at your property? As a general rule, this is not necessary, but it depends on how comfortable you feel with leaving workmen in your home alone. If you are not going to be home then discuss communication/access etc with them. Also discuss provision for drinks, pets, etc, and what time you will be home.
  • What time of day will the workmen arrive? When will they leave?
  • Will work be undertaken Monday to Friday? Clarify whether they intend to work at the weekend, and make your preference known.
  • Discuss the removal of rubbish from the site. When will this happen? Will there be a skip? Will access to the property and parking be compromised at all?
  • Will they require storage?
  • Discuss cleanliness and tidiness. Unfortunately, there is going to be dust! It simply cannot be avoided, however your home should be left at the end of each day in a safe condition with tools and materials tidy, and not in your way.

Getting your home ready

Make sure you home is ready for work to commence:

  • Empty your bathroom of all belongings.
  • Free up some space for storage, ideally in a spare room or a garage.
  • Identify any items/features you want to keep before your old bathroom is ripped out.
  • Clear the walkways by moving furniture, taking down pictures from the wall, remove any breakables or valuable items.
  • Consider how you are going to use alternative facilities whilst your bathroom is unavailable.
  • Is your home safe for an installer to work in? Is there anything about your home that you feel they need to be aware of?
  • The installer should provide protection for your floors and dust sheets for your furniture.

During your bathroom installation

Keep communications open, and discuss progress, and any issues experienced/encountered along the way. This is a two-way street. If you are not sure about something you should ask. If you don’t feel like you have been updated then ask for an update.

Ideally, your installer should explain what they have done and also what they will be doing next.

Sometimes something unexpected can be encountered along the way. In these cases, the installer should inform you immediately and offer advice, the benefit of their experience, and their rationale for making certain recommendations. Ultimately as the homeowner, you will be asked to make any final decision.

Is my new bathroom complete?

Once your bathroom is complete you should be invited to inspect it. You will have seen the project progressing each day throughout the installation period so hopefully, there will be no surprises. If there is something that you’re not happy with, you should make the installer and the project manager aware of this so they can put things right.
New bathroom installation SolihullIf any aspect of the installation remains outstanding you should discuss and agree on the way forward for this. When can you expect them to return to complete the work? What does this mean in terms of payment of the full and final balance?

At this point, if not already the case, all rubbish associated with the bathroom installation should be removed from the site, and the skip collected if one has been used. Tools and equipment should also be removed from your home and your new bathroom should be presented to you clean, and relatively dust free! (to be fair this can take a few cleaning sessions to settle down)

Final thoughts…

We like to think we do all the above, so please consider Elkington Bathrooms in your search for a friendly, experienced and professional bathroom installer – especially if you’re in the Solihull area!